The currents are changing.

Imperialism, particularity American Imperialism, fronted by the new populist regime of Donald Trump is making advances on the sovereignty of both people and nations, threatening the security and livelihood of millions of minorities under the banner of “Make America Great Again”. In his first 20 days of office, President Trump has declared a war on illegal immigrants particularly from Mexico, on scientists and environmentalists, on refugees and Muslim immigrants from 7 American-imperialist influenced conflict zones such as Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Yemen, Libya and Somalia, on Indigenous people and indigenous lands with pipe-lines, all while increasing the military budget and giving white supremacist violence amnesty, no longer seeing it as an act of domestic terrorism.

Our enemy is one, no matter what the color of our skin or nationality,no matter what is our religious background or political view, no matter what our sexual preference or our gender identity is, we are all allies in this one fight. Donald Trump however is just a head of a Hydra, and chopping one head will only grow back two even more vicious heads. Our Goal must be to starve the beast at the source then. We must come together, in the spirit of internationalism ,to defeat imperialism if we are to defeat tyranny.

This then is a Call to Action in the spirit of solidarity to create an internationalist movement that extends across borders, to bring down American Imperialism and Donald Trump. This Call to Action proposes 5 demands.

  1. A blockade of all Main trade Border Entrances into and from America by a Unified Protest movement functioning on both sides of the border, whether that border be on Mexico or Canada.
  2. A massive protest that defies the Border by having two marches from either side, coming together to meet hand in hand at the crossing.
  3. A Call for Worldwide Solidarity Actions including an International General Strike
  4. Occupation of strategic Border Points as a means of creating a Revolutionary internationalist Presence
  5. formation of affinity groups and solidarity networks that would reinforce the revolutionary aims of a largely liberal movement by means of inspirational acts.

Please share this, I am just one person. A socially alienated person at that.

Help me get this viral. if someone with more reach is out there and can organize something along these lines, I think we would really get the future that we deserve.


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