Insurrection is political, but it is also social, and it is also ecological. It is individualistic as well as communal. Shared by everyone, or shared by no one.

It is the teen daughter sneaking out the window of her room in her parents boring suburban dwelling to smoke pot and joyride with some older mysterious boy, through the glorious night.

It is the balaclava-clad anarchist who pushes through a barricade that was meant to keep her out , yelling “1..2…3 fuck the bourgeoisie 4…5…6 smash the state and eat the rich”.

It is the poor colored(or not colored) man who is forced to steal the basic necessities of life in order to provide for his family.

It is the illegal immigrant taxi driver who decides to drive over the designated speed-limit in order to make sure his white and upper-class client can catch a plane or not be late for work.

In a world where the neoliberal slogan is “no one is illegal” but in all likelihood, each every person, from the banned refugee to the white liberal peacefully protesting the ban, to some degree holds a notoriety in that they have engaged to some extent in some kind of “illegal activity”, the question must become, how insurrectionary is our activity and how liberating can it be?

We must explore insurrection as it appears in our every day life, as much as we explore it in a theoretical standpoint. Pointing to nineteenth and twentieth century revolutions and revolutionaries and falling under the cult of idol worship, while not seeing or engaging in the potentials of insurrection in everyday life, will never expand the potential for a revolution of the here and now. If we want communism, if we want anarchism, we have to make an ecology suitable to communism, make a social space acceptable for anarchism. A world of “to each according to their need, from each according to their ability” does not happen without our effort and our dedication. We must extend out our solidarity and our acknowledgments to these instances of insurrection of the everyday and those who partake in them, whether that be a black bloc emerging from the cusps of some liberal protest, or an exploration of some personal sexual fantasy that defies all convention and therefore is a rebellion.


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